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The 2013 Tournament

It’s a Wrap!  Congratulations to Around the Horn (Brian Bannan, Jerry Galway, Ryan Noon, Rob De Ciantis, Brad Thomas, Patrick Hanlon & Brian Reid) who emerged victorious (for their third time in four years), in repeat of the 2012 final against the Hamilton Houdinis (Jean Pilon-Bignell, Scott Gillespie, Timothy Rogers, Kyle Cassidy & Evan Van Sickle) to become the 2013 Taylor Cup Champions.  The tournament was a huge success with 36 teams, and over 225 players, taking it to the ice in support of The Princess Margaret Sarcoma Research Fund.

Through the incredible fundraising efforts of all the players, just under $140,000 was raised to support cancer at PMHF.  This brings our eight year total to $960,000!  Well done!   Van Hooterman was the top fundraising team bringing in more than $25,000.  That brings their eight year total to over $105,000! Congratulations to Karl Brown, Mike Godel, Paul Shaffer, Marcus O’Brien, Dany LeGoaix, Jim Haldenby, Chuck O’Reilly and Greg Neinstein for all their hard work!

Throughout the weekend, hockey players paid homage to their Canadian roots with wide-open, old-time shinny. The three-day round-robin tournament provided hockey lovers with a chance to get away with friends and family to enjoy a fun and competitive weekend — all for a good cause.  Each team played a minimum of four, 30-minute games, including a game “under the lights” on Friday evening.  

In addition to lots of on-ice action, the players, their friends and families enjoyed a variety of other activities including a family skating rink, a Saturday night DJ & casino games event, a kid’s dinner and activity night, as well as access to all the amenities of the resort including indoor pool, hot tub and spa services.

What is Pond Hockey?
Who would have thought that back in the late 1800s, when a group of friends hit the ice for a little friendly competition, that it would someday turn into Canada's great sports legacy. Today Pond Hockey still harkens back to the roots of the game. Click here to see how it's played.

Why Play?
Better question - Why not! How often can you say that you are going to get together with your pals, out of town, play hockey, party and it's all for a good cause. The instances are few and far between. Take advantage of this legitimate, recreational, getaway weekend. And, oh ya, did we say road trip!




Early-bird Registration
(by August 15th) is $275/team
($400 thereafter)
Click here to register.


In tribute & in memory to an incredible friend, it's GAME ON! with The Taylor Cup Pond Hockey Championship - a three-day round robin tournament that takes hockey back to the basics … on a frozen patch of lake. Teams will take to the ice at the Bayview-Wildwood Resort on Sparrow Lake, just north of Orillia, in a 4 on 4 format, January 31st to February 2nd, 2014. The money raised will benefit The Princess Margaret Cancer Research Fund.
Let the Games Begin

So you're thinking this has the makings of a road trip - you bet it does! You'll play some hockey, have some fun, hang out with your buddies and raise money for a terrific cause - it just doesn't get any better than that! Well maybe it does -- did we mention that the beer tent is within spitting distance?


Up to 36 teams, playing 4-on-4 hockey, for a minimum of four, 30 minute games, round robin style, on 12 rinks, approximately 140' x 70' (70% of regulation size). It gets better: add to the mix, the goalies, or should we say lack of goalies, with nets that measure only six feet wide by ten inches high -- your shot needs to be spot on. Keeping the proceedings above board, an off-ice Pond Marshall will monitor each game, so keep it clean! That means no body checking, at least, while you're on the ice.

With all this sportsmanship, there has to be a winner. The winning team will receive: The Taylor Cup + individual team medals, commemorative Taylor Cup item and bragging rights.

A detailed schedule for each team will be available one week in advance of the tournament.


First, you need to register your team (and pick a team name). Then, you have to pony-up the dough. The early-bird registration fee is $275/team if you register before August 15th; after that time, registration is $400 per team.  In order to guarantee your spot for the tournament, each team must raise a minimum of $900. You can register up to 6 players/team. See rules under ABOUT THE GAME for details.


Set yourself a goal - the higher, the better - ideally we'd like to see everyone shoot for the $1000 mark. It's easier than you think – the online donation system with donation templates makes asking for donations a snap!
All we ask is that you give it your best shot -- every dollar makes a difference in the fight against cancer. Once you get started asking for donations, you will be amazed at how generous people can be. Keep in mind that most people have been touched by cancer in some way via family members, friends or colleagues which is why putting money into cancer research is so critical in the fight.
Taylor Cup participants are rewarded for achieving various pledge levels ($300, $750, $1500 & $3000). The more donations you raise, the greater the value of the incentive you are eligible for! 

2013 Top Fundraising Teams

Van Hooterman $25,608

Team II $18,853

Power-4-Ward $7,880

2013 Top Fundraising Individuals

Greg Neinstein , (Van Hooterman) $15,112

Bill Washington, (Team II) $6,720

Chris Jennings, (The Critters) $4,200


Contact Info
For inquiries regarding The Taylor Cup contact

For inquiries regarding The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation contact
Keith Clarke